Collection: All-America Selections

Since 1933, All-America Selections® has tested and introduced their choices as AAS Winners.  This category is a listing of historic award winners that are available here at the Victory Seed Company.

Many people ask, who determines an AAS Winner? The answer is that independent AAS judges determine the AAS Winners by judging and scoring the entries. The judges score each entry from zero to five points, with five being the highest. Judges report their scores each fall. AAS uses an independent accounting firm to calculate the average score of each entry. Only the entry with the highest average score is considered for a possible AAS Award. The AAS judges determine which, if any, new unsold entries have proven superior qualities to be introduced as AAS Winners.

What qualities will judges score? Judges look for significantly improved qualities such as earliness to bloom or harvest, disease or pest tolerance, novel colors or flavors, novel flower forms, total yield, length of flowering or harvest and overall performance. In the last ten years an entry needs to have at least two significantly improved qualities to be considered by judges for an AAS Award.  The AAS Winners offer gardeners reliable, new varieties that have proven their superior performance in trial grounds across North America.
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