For credit card security reasons, we do not accept fax or phone orders. The fastest way to place an order is online. We typically fill and mail out orders within 1 business day.

Please keep in mind the U.S. Postal Service holidays, and plan your ordering activities accordingly.

Wholesale or bulk quantities of seeds - Our work is preserving old seed varieties by keeping them available to home gardeners and in as many gardens as possible. By the nature of the varieties that we carry, we are not able to maintain large inventories and not set up to service export, market growers or other bulk requests at this time.

Want to receive your order before others? All orders are quickly filled, in the order in which they are received - first come, first served. We do not accept extra payment to rush orders in front of others who are waiting their turn. Please do not ask and please plan accordingly.

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Recommendations regarding what you should buy - Please do not ask. There are just too many variables - your climate, the condition of your soil, your skill level, your personal taste preferences, etc. - for us to give you a meaningful answer. We provide information throughout our site that should help you make informed decisions. However, ultimately it is through trial and error that successful gardening is perfected. This exploration and discovery is part of the fun of gardening.

If your question is not listed above, feel free to email us. We work at answering these after daylight hours and usually answer within 24 to 48 hours but depending on our workload, it may not be until the weekend.

Mailing Address:

Victory Seed Company
8404 STERLING ST STE A - IRVING, TX 75063-2527

Again, we do not have the staff or time resources to chat on the phone, we wish that we did. Maybe one day. 😄

Most common questions are answered on our web site. If you have other questions, email is preferred as it is the most efficient form of communication for us.

E-Mail Address -

Because we get a lot of spam, we have implemented spam filtering. Be sure that you use a valid return email address as well as a specific and appropriate subject line so that we receive your message. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for your support!

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