Collection: Rare & Heirloom Tobacco Seed Varieties

Back in the 1980s, we started growing flowering tobacco plants here on the farm. Tobacco is quite a magnificent plant, with beautiful flowers, making them a great addition to flower beds as an ornamental planting option to our home gardening friends.

With the help of farmer and heirloom tobacco variety preservationist, David Pendergrass, our collection has grown to include well over 100 rare and heirloom tobacco varieties. All of the tobacco seed varieties which we offer here have interesting histories, have been grown in different geographical locations, and were cultivated for varied and different uses. Although we make no recommendations about what tobacco varieties are suitable for what purposes or which ones will do well in your area, all have grown well in Oregon, in Texas, as well as on David's farm in Middle Tennessee, and should thrive in most climate zones.

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This section of the website is intended for the historical and informational purposes of thinking adults. Anyone who has been raised since the turn of the 20th century already knows that tobacco can be addictive and lead to various forms of cancer. If you do not smoke, it would seem illogical to start. We in no way, encourage people to use any form of tobacco product.

In his 1954 work, "The Gentle Art of Smoking", Alfred H. Dunhill was nostalgic for a past when smoking was an "art" and enjoyed as a pleasurable pastime in elegant smoking rooms. He remarked that the "furious tempo of modern life" had resulted in tobacco, in the form of ubiquitous cigarettes, being used as a narcotic to calm frayed nerves and becoming a habit and therefore no longer pleasurable. Common sense dictates that anything you do to your body in excess (a habit) is detrimental.

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We do not offer tobacco plants, tobacco leaf, or any tobacco products for sale.