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Punche Tobacco

Punche Tobacco

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Nicotiana rustica

Punche is one of the earliest maturing "rustica" varieties at just 35 days. It is a good choice for growers with a very short season or as a late season crop. It can be planted out earlier than many other tobaccos and mature plants are frost tolerant. As with other rustica varieties, it has a very high nicotine content.

The history of punche tobacco is difficult to trace, but we know that it was grown by the Pueblo people of Taos and other northern New Mexico areas, and was used in barter and for ritualistic purposes. The name punche probably is derived from the latin word "pumila" which means dwarf.

It is a very easy tobacco to grow; very hardy in the seedling stage, rarely succumbing to some of the problems that other tobaccos have. Surprisingly quick growing and can readily reseed in the garden, even becoming a bit weedy. Strikingly beautiful bluish colored plants.

Packet contains about 100 seeds.

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