Collection: Pea, Garden

Garden, Shelling or English Peas
Pisum sativum var sativum

English or garden peas, also known as shelling peas, are frost hardy, thrive and like to be planted in cool weather (55°F to 60°F). They tend to become bitter as temperatures to warmer. Therefore, plant outdoors in full sun, in early spring for an early summer harvest, or mid to late summer for a fall harvest. Plant the seeds 1½ inches deep spacing them at a rate of one to two seeds every two inches. Space the rows 2½ feet apart.

Since it is common to prune dormant trees about the same time that you plant peas in the early spring, it is a tradition to use branches, stuck into the ground along your pea row, as support for climbing peas. You can also use other items for support, for example lattice, netting, twine, and field fencing, but "pea brush" is by far the simplest.

As a rule, smooth seeded varieties are more starchy and are used for soups while wrinkled seeded varieties are sweeter and generally eaten fresh.

Each ounce is approximately 90 to 125 seeds.
(One ounce will generally plant at least a 10-foot row.)
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Composition (per 100 grams edible product)

Cooked green peas
Cooked dry peas


81.5 grams

70 grams





0.4 gram

0.3 gram


5.4 grams

8.0 grams

Vitamin A

540 units

40 units

Vitamin C

20 mg


2.0 grams

0.4 gram