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Wando Garden Pea

Wando Garden Pea

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70 days — Although 'Wando' is resistant to the effects of heat, and therefore used for late sowings, it also pollinates well under cooler conditions. The plants are sturdy, grow up to about thirty inches in height, are high yielding, and produce seven or more peas per pod.

Bred at the Southeastern Vegetable Breeding Laboratory ('Laxton's Progress' x 'Perfection'), it was released in 1943.[1] A good variety for freezing, home and market gardens. Each ounce is approximately 140 seeds, which is generally enough to plant at least a ten foot row.
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Planting Instructions: Loosen rich well-drained soil in a location that receives six to eight hours of full sunlight per day. Add compost or fertilizer before planting.

Plant seeds directly outdoors in spring or fall when temperatures are cool. Plant 1½ inches deep, one to two seeds every two inches. Keep moist until germination. Thin to one plant every two inches in rows spaced thirty inches apart.
Informational References:
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