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Purple Zebra F1 Tomato

Purple Zebra F1 Tomato

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Indeterminate, 80-85 days from transplant. A fun new addition to striped tomatoes. Fruits are rich with complex flavors and moderately firm texture. Dark red fruits with green stripes and a deep mahogany red interior do not produce muddy coloration like other tomatoes of this type. Superb flavor. Excellent disease resistance including Late Blight. Good tolerance to cracking/splitting. Indeterminate, 80-85 days from transplant. Multiple Pest Resistances (MPR) to: ToMV:HR, TYLCV:IR, TSWV:IR, Fusarium Wilt Race 1:HR, Leaf Mold A-E:HR, Verticillium Wilt Va/Vd:HR, Late Blight PH2 & PH3:HR. A 2022 All-America Selections National winner. Each packet contains 10 seeds.

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