Collection: Cantaloupe / Muskmelons

Cucumis melo

There are so many more textures and flavors than the average American grocery store offers. Additionally, what is typically sold as "cantaloupe" are usually muskmelons so there is confusion caused by marketing. There are eight distinct groups (some refer to them as subspecies) of Cucumis melo (melons). Although they are useful in sorting melons for descriptive purposes, all groups will cross with each other.

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Harvest Tips: Melons are best harvested at their peak of maturity; not a moment early or later. Determining this point is a bit tricky and a skill that melon farmers develop with years of experience, but here are a few pointers:
• Smell the blossom end of the melon. They will have a sweet smell when they are ready.
• Look at the skin color. If they are a netted variety, they netting will have become more pronounced and the skin between the netting will have changed from a green color to tan.
• Honeydew varieties will develop a yellow blush on their otherwise ivory colored rinds.
• Some of the "old-timey" type melons, for example 'Banana' melon, will slip from the vine when ready.

When all else fails, cut it open and go for it!