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Altaiskaya Melon

Altaiskaya Melon

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Cucumis melo L. Reticulus Group

75 days — The plants have relatively short vines (four to five feet) and produce a good amount of small (two to four pounds), oval-shaped fruit. The rinds are finely netted with flesh that is yellowish-orange, fragrant, and tasty.

It is a very interesting melon variety for those of us with cooler, shorter growing seasons. It also may be a good candidate for rooftop or patio gardening if planted in a large enough container. If growing in containers, keep in mind that melons are heavy feeders so the soil needs to be very fertile and you may have to feed the plants throughout the season.

'Altaiskaya' is a Russian variety that originated that was developed by the West Siberian Experimental Vegetable Station. Our source seed was sent to us by seed saver, Andrey Baranovski of Minsk (BELR BA A). About 25 to 30 seeds per one gram packet.
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Planting Instructions: The seeds can be directly sown in spring after the soil has warmed or started indoors three to four weeks before your last expected frost.

Indoors, plant two to three seeds per pot, ½ inch deep, thinning to best plant. Do not disturb roots.

Outdoors, plant six to eight seeds, ½ inch deep, in hills spaced four feet apart. Transplant or thin to three plants per hill.

Young plants are cold sensitive and some cover protection at nights may be required. Mulch or cultivate to control weeds.