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Canary Yellow Melon

Canary Yellow Melon

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Canary Yellow
Cucumis melo L. Inodorus Group

Named after the color of its mature fruit, the vines of 'Canary Yellow', also known simply as 'Canary', are vigorous and relatively productive. The fruit are pear-shaped, average four to six pounds each, have tough, bright light-yellow skin that is slightly wrinkled with sweet, pale green flesh.

A popular old European "winter melon" variety. That is, their late maturity date, combined with the fact that they have thick, tough rind, allows the melon to keep well into winter. Each packet contains one gram, which is about 20 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: The seeds can be directly sown in spring after the soil has warmed or started indoors three to four weeks before your last expected frost.

Indoors, plant two to three seeds per pot, ½ inch deep, thinning to best plant. Do not disturb roots.

Outdoors, plant six to eight seeds, ½ inch deep, in hills spaced four feet apart. Transplant or thin to three plants per hill.

Young plants are cold sensitive and some cover protection at nights may be required. Mulch or cultivate to control weeds.