Collection: Squash, Summer

Cucurbita spp

Choose a location that has warm, well-drained and fertile soil. Work in plenty of organic matter and mulch to conserve moisture, as squash are heavy water consumers. Sow directly in the garden after threat of frost has passed. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced twenty four to thirty inches apart.

When laying out your garden, remember to consider the growing habits of the varieties that you are planting. Some bush-types are compact while some vining types require a tremendous amount of space. Harvest time will also vary by type.

Squash are typically categorized as summer or winter varieties. The immature fruits of summer varieties are eaten fresh, while the winter squash are harvested in late fall after they are mature and the skins have toughened, stored in a cool, dry location, and used into the winter.

When harvesting summer squash, don't wait! They grow fast and there is nothing to be gained, and much too lose, by allowing them to remain on the plant and grow to huge sizes. Three to six inches is the typical harvest size.

Unless otherwise noted on a variety's product page, each packet contains four grams. Seed counts vary by variety and are listed in the variety descriptions.
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