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Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash

Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash

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Early Prolific Straightneck
Cucurbita pepo

42 days — 'Early Prolific Straightneck' has become the standard yellow, straight-necked type, summer squash in gardens all over the United States. Its bush-type plants produce generous amounts of fruit that taper towards the stem end, are smooth skinned when young and at the typical harvest stage, and are a nice light-lemon yellow color. They are mature at twelve to fourteen inches long but are tender and succulent when they are five to six inches long.

Developed by the old Ferry-Morse Seed Company of Detroit, Michigan, 'Early Prolific Straightneck' was stabilized as a distinct cultivar from a selection of 'Summer Crookneck'.[1] Introduce in 1938, it was an "All-America Selection®" winner that same year. Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 36 to 40 seeds.
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