Collection: Artichoke & Cardoon

Cynara scolymus and Cynara cardunculus
Each packet contains one gram or approximately 15 to 20 seeds.
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For success with these plants, get them started indoors in late January or early February. This is also how you can grow them, as annuals, in colder regions. Transplant into the garden after all danger of frost has passed to ensure that your plants will be well developed before the cold weather sets in.

Grown from seed, up to 25% of the plants will not be true-to-type and should be discarded. This is due to the genetic makeup of the plants and not an inherent problem with our seed stock. Cull sickly and albino plants at transplanting time. Eliminate non-productive plants after the growing season is over.

From your select plants, you will be able to divide the root clumps to increase your stands. Division is a good method for propagating additional plants with known traits.