Collection: Onions

Globe & Multiplier
Allium cepa & Allium fistulosum

Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 200 seeds.
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Selection and Growing Information:

Your geographical location will need to be considered as you select your onion seeds. There are three main types of onions "short-day," "intermediate-day," and "long-day" varieties. Onions require specific balance of daylight to darkness to perform properly.

The genetic makeup of the particular onion variety is what signals the plant to stop vegetative growth and to start forming the bulb. As the onion matures, the tops will eventually fall and touch the ground, at which point the onion is ready for harvest.

Short-day varieties are recommended for the southern U.S. where the temperatures are typically warmer year round.They will make bulbs earlier in the year with only ten to twelve hours of daylight. If grown in the north, they will tend to shut down their vegetative growing and bulb resulting in small, pearl onions.

Intermediate-day onions typically need twelve to fourteen hours of