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Heshiko Japanese Bunching Onion

Heshiko Japanese Bunching Onion

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Japanese Bunching Onion
Allium fistulosum

60 days — 'Heshiko', also known as 'He Shi Ko', it is a non-bulbing, Japanese bunching onion popular in Asian cuisine and used in everything from stir fries to soups to salads. Its stalks are tender, reach twelve to fourteen inches tall, are flavorful, mild, not overly pungent, and a good variety for both home and market gardeners.

Bunching onions are also referred to as "green onions" or scallions and can be harvested and used at any developmental stage from tiny to fully mature. Mounding the soil up around the developing stems help to blanch them and can result in longer white stalk sections. 'Heshiko' is a cool season annual so best sown in spring and fall. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 450 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Onions have a shallow root system and are adapted for well drained, rich, loam-type soil. Either start seeds indoors, or directly into the garden, in a sunny location, from April to mid-July.

Plant onion seeds ½ inch deep, two to four seeds per inch in rows spaced twelve to sixteen inches apart. Thin the plants to four inches apart to allow the bulbs room to develop. Use thinnings as green onions.