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Full Heart Batavian Endive (Escarole)

Full Heart Batavian Endive (Escarole)

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'Full Heart Batavian' Endive (Escarole)
Cichorium endivia

90 days — 'Full Heart Batavian' Endive produces compact heads of thick, large (average ten to twelve inches in diameter), dark green colored leaves, that are easy to blanch. In general, broad leaf endive varieties, also referred to as escarole, tend to be less bitter than the curly leaf endive varieties. It can be eaten like other greens, either fresh as part of a green salad, or sautéed or chopped and added into soups and stews.

'Full Heart Batavian' was an "All-America Selection®" winner in 1934. Each packet contains one gram, which is about 450 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Endive is generally very easy to grow. You can start indoors or plant directly in the garden. Good results are had by planting in beds, ¼ inch deep, covered with light soil, one to two inches apart. Thin to six to eight inches apart

Once the plants are mature, tie the leaves together to blanch the heart.

If you plan to save seed, care should be taken to ensure that Endive and Chicory are not in close proximity (at least 500 feet) as cross-pollination will occur. Endive will tolerate light frosts.