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Rossa di Treviso Radicchio (Italian Chicory)

Rossa di Treviso Radicchio (Italian Chicory)

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Rossa di Treviso Radicchio
(Italian Chicory)
Cichorium intybus

85 to 100 days — Synonyms are 'Red Treviso', 'Treviso', and 'Rouge de Trevise.' This variety is a famous radicchio-type chicory from Treviso, Italy. A non-heading type that produces long slender green leaves in summer, which turn to a deep-red color with the arrival of cool autumn weather. It is crisp, tart, and slightly bitter tasting. Can over-winter for a spring harvest or used as a winter forcing variety. 

Radicchio (pronounced rah-dee-key-oh) is a leaf-type chicory that is sometimes known as Italian chicory. Grown as a leaf vegetable, it has a bitter and spicy taste which tends to mellow after being roasted or grilled. In Italy, is is popular grilled in olive oil and served. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 450 seeds.
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