Collection: Radishes, Fall Garden Varieties

Raphanus sativus

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Each packet contains three grams or approximately 220 seeds.
Growing Radishes: 
Radishes are generally very easy to grow. They are both fast to appear and fast to mature and therefore are a perfect choice for a child's first garden.

Radishes do prefer cool weather and become pungent (hot) and will often bolt (go to seed) in warmer weather. They do best when sown in spring or mid to late summer. Succession sow small amounts, five to seven days apart for a steady supply.

Sow seeds directly into the garden as soon as the soil can be worked and soil temperatures are about 45F. Plant ½ inch deep, ½ inch apart in rows at least eight inches apart. Firm soil and keep moist until seedlings appear. Radishes have shallow root systems do keep watered.  Harvest as soon as roots reach desired size.  They become woody with age.

Radishes are a great snack food as they have about 100 calories per pound and contain vitamin C.