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Southwest Vegetable Garden Pack

Southwest Vegetable Garden Pack

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We have chosen our favorite and best-selling varieties for the American Southwest (the Four Corners and West Texas) and made them available in this convenient collection.

Place a single order for this item and you will get one packet of each of the items shown below at an overall discount. If you prefer, you can order them individually one by one, by clicking on each item in the list.

Basil, Italian Large Leaf (Sweet)
A native to Europe and cultivated for centuries as a fresh and dried culinary herb. Common in America by the late 1700s. The plants grow to about eighteen inches, and provide several harvests. The leaves are used fresh to make pesto, and can be dried and used as a seasoning. A favorite in Italian dishes. Prefers well-drained soil, even moisture, and full sun.

Maxibel Haricot Vert Bean
Produces slender pods that are 6-8 inches long and have a very tender, delicate texture. Pick frequently for optimal tenderness and yields. Some plants have runners.

Detroit Dark Red Beet
Very tasty fresh out of the garden, it also maintains its taste and texture well after being canned or pickled. Globe shaped, excellent color, sweet, smooth and tender.

Di Ciccio Broccoli
An old European variety Introduced in 1890. Compact, 2 to 3 feet high plants, that produce a central 3 to 4 inch head with many side shoots. Freezes well.

All Seasons Cabbage
Also known as 'Vandergaw', this variety is heat resistant, fine-flavored and produces good, hard heads that are ten inches in diameter, average about 12 pounds and are round but flattened on top. Released in 1886.

Henderson's Tendersweet Carrot
'Henderson's Tendersweet' carrot plants have a distinct, dark green foliage. When the roots reach full maturity, they are a deep orange color, average from eight to ten inches in length, and taper slightly from the shoulder to a blunt end.

Early Snowball Cauliflower
Uniform maturing, smooth, pure white heads weighing three to five pounds and six inches across. It is a medium sized plant with good leaf coverage. Released in 1941. It is reliable. Freezes well also.

Georgia (Southern) Collards
Heat and cold tolerant and slow to bolt. Non-heading, juicy blue-green wavy leaves will stand light freezing which improves the cabbage-like flavor. Plants grow two to three feet tall.

Triple Play Sweet Corn
'Triple Play' is an early maturing sweet corn variety that is tolerant of cooler soil temperatures and ideal for locations with shorter growing seasons. If you are blessed with a longer growing season, it can be planted in intervals for an extended fresh corn harvest period.

National Pickling Cucumber
A heavy producer of straight, medium green colored, black-spined fruit, that average 1-3/4 by 6-inches in size. Can be harvested at two inches long or at full maturity at five inches.

Dark Green Zucchini Summer Squash
Harvest when the fruit is six to eight inches long or still tender. Harvest will be lengthened if you keep picking. As the season gets in full gear, you should have plenty to give away. But if you want the gesture to be appreciated, three small fruit with a couple of tomatoes will be better than a shopping bag full of monster-sized ones!

Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash
Best harvested (our opinion) when the fruit is five to six inches long and still tender. Mature size is 12 to 14 inches.

Diamond Eggplant
70 days — Diamond Eggplant is a beautiful and versatile variety of eggplant that produces large (6-9 inch), deep purple fruit that are glossy and smooth. This eggplant variety is prized for its sweet and delicate flavor, making it a favorite among gardeners and chefs alike.


Also known as rocket or roquette and is popular in Italian cuisine. Adds an interesting tangy flavor to an otherwise bland salad. All plant parts are edible and harvest is enjoyed over a long period as it is a cut and come again plant.

It prefers cool weather so start sowing successive plantings directly in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. Also try an early to mid-fall planting in a cold frame or greenhouse for harvest throughout the winter.

Sow seed ¼ inch deep in a location that receives full sun to partial shade. Best soil temperatures for germination is 40 to 50ºF. Sow about one inch apart thinning plants to a spacing of about six inches. Harvest when the leaves are 2 to 3 inches long.

Premier Kale
Used fresh in salads or on sandwiches as a more nutritional alternative to lettuce, when young and tender. Also good as a cooked green or roasted with a little olive oil and salt.

All The Year Round Butterhead Lettuce
Medium-sized heads stay firm and solid even in hot weather. Can be sown in most locations from about March through August for a nearly "year-round" harvest periods. It does well in both hot and cooler locations.

Perkins' Long Pod Okra
'Perkins Long Pod' is a good choice for pickling, canning, and used in soups and gumbo.

Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
Extra large (up to six inch) globe shaped onion. The skin is a straw color and the flesh is white. It has a popular mild and sweet flavor. 'Yellow Sweet Spanish' is an indeterminate variety that reportedly does well in long day regions and stores well.

Evergreen Parsley
Plant Height – 10 to 16 inches Planting Depth – ¼ inch Spacing after Thinning – 10 inches Exhibits more frost resistance than other varieties and grows vigorously. An "All-American Selection" winner in 1940.

Sugar Snap Pea
Young pods are tasty and tender but develop strings at maturity. Vines can reach 6 feet and need trellised. Freezes well but will not stand up to canning temperatures. Released and an " All-American Selection®" winner in 1979.

Tabasco Hot Pepper
90 days. Tabasco Hot Pepper is a popular and spicy variety of chili pepper that is commonly used in hot sauces and spicy dishes. These peppers grow to be small and slender, typically measuring around 1-2 inches in length.

Jalapeno Hot Pepper
The fruit are dark green, tapered, three inches by one inch, turning red when mature. Good for pickling or used fresh in salsas. They have thick walls so do not dry well. They can range from 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units in heat.

California Wonder (Bell) Pepper
The plants are upright, strong, and produce four or five fruit that are mostly four-lobed, blocky, and 4 by 4½ inches with thick flesh that is mild and sweet.

Giant Winter (Gigante d'Inverno) Spinach
Produces large, smooth, semi-savoyed leaves, that are medium-green in color. This variety was specifically bred to be tolerant of cold temperatures, which allows it to be sown in late summer or autumn for an early spring harvest. It can also be planted at the same time as other spinach varieties.

Isleta Pueblo Tobacco
The plants grow very quickly, mature early, and reaches about four to five feet in height and has thick, waxy, dark green leaves. It does very well in cool, damp weather.

Roma VF Tomato
75 days, semi-determinate — This open-pollinated, plum-shaped, two ounce fruit, is ideal for paste or puree.

Abu Rawan Tomato
80 days, determinate — The compact, regular-leaf plants of 'Abu Rawan' do really well in hot weather and are productive. Their fruit are oblate shaped, red colored, two to four ounces each and have a nice, tangy, classic red tomato flavor.

Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Round roots that are bright purple on the upper part and white below. The globes grow four to five inches in diameter but are best when harvested a little smaller.

Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon
What a treat it is to grow a bush watermelon on your patio! This bright red fleshed, round, 5-7 pound personal size watermelon has only 20-inch vines and can be grown in nearly any size garden or large container.

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