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Early Snowball Cauliflower

Early Snowball Cauliflower

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Early Snowball

55 days — The heads of 'Early Snowball' are smooth, pure white in color, each averaging between three to five pounds in weight, and about six inches across. It is a medium-sized plant with good foliage coverage and mature uniformly. It is reliable, excellent fresh, and also freezes well.

It was originally developed as a stabilized selection of 'Super Snowball' and introduced by Ferry-Morse Seed Company in 1941. Each packet contains 1 gram, which is approximately 200 seeds.
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Planting Instructions:
Days to germination – 5 to 20
Days to harvest – 55 days

Best results will be had if you start your plants indoors in mid-March to May. Soil temperature should be about 70ºF for germination. Plant ¼ inch deep in potting mix. Keep seedling moist and feed them.

Transplant out at six weeks after danger of frost has past. They like soil loaded with organic matter a pH of about 6.5. Avoid providing too much nitrogen.

Use insect controls as you would for other cole (Brassica family) plants in your area.

Uniform maturing, smooth, pure white heads weighing three to five pounds and six inches across. It is a medium sized plant with good leaf coverage. Released in 1941. It is reliable. Freezes well also.
Although the name of this variety's description contains another company's name, the seed we are offering is in no way sourced from, "owned by" or connected with that company. The name is simply historically accurate information for the variety giving credit to the seedsman that originally released it.
Informational References:
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