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Premier Kale

Premier Kale

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65 days — Also known as 'Early Hanover', 'Premier' kale can be planted in early spring and used, when tender and young, fresh in salads or on sandwiches as a more nutritional alternative to lettuce. It is also good as a cooked green or roasted with a little olive oil and salt. 'Premier' kale tends to stand a couple of weeks longer into the summer (does not bolt to seed as fast) than other similar varieties.

Sow again in late summer / early fall for a winter / spring harvest. It is also an excellent choice as a forage crop. For example, our chickens love kale and some fresh greens in the winter are as good for animals as they are for us. Developed by the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station as an open pollinated selection out of Dwarf Siberian an introduced in about 1983.[1] Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 250 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Kale grows best in cool weather. When established, it will tolerate frost. Can be sown in garden as soon as danger of hard frost is past.

Sow seeds ½ inches deep, one inch apart, in rows 24 inches apart. Cover with loose soil. Thin plants to about twelve inches. Avoid disease by not planting where other Brassica (cole crops) plants have grown in the past year or two.

Provides a continuous supply of tasty leaves if you pick from the bottom up. It is cold hardy and the flavors become sweeter and more complex after a hard frost.
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