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Roma VF Tomato

Roma VF Tomato

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Roma VF

75 days, semi-determinate —'Roma VF' has regular-leaf plants that produce plum-shaped, bright red, paste-type tomatoes. The fruit average about two ounces and have a high solids to juice ratio making them ideal for paste, sauces or puree. Adapted for the United States and Canada, it was originally introduced in 1963.

Bred by the Joseph Harris Seed Company of Rochester, New York, 'Roma VF' has an interesting pedigree. It is a stabilized cross (open-pollinated) between the original 'Roma' variety and 'California Red Top VR 9'. Where 'Roma' had fusarium wilt resistance, the addition of the 'California Red Top VR 9' to the line gives this variety its verticillium resistance. There are approximately 20 seeds per packet, and there are about 80 to 90 seeds per 0.25 gram.
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Note: The original 'Roma' tomato variety was released in 1956 and was developed by William S. Porte at the USDA's Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland. It was a cross between two popular Italian paste tomato varieties and 'Pan America'. It was the later variety, developed many years prior by Porte, that added the wilt resistant trait into this paste tomato.