Collection: Other Seeds, Grains, Cover Crops, Kits

This is a new category for us to offer but is one that we have been interested in for a very long time. For lack of a better term, we are calling it grains, but it could as easily be called dietary staples. Generally, these are the crops that we rarely grow in the home garden and instead rely on the production of giant agricultural producers to supply us. Our offerings at this time are very limited but will increase in time. Please do check back.

As our world's commercial food supply becomes more and more industrialized, and at the same time our economy continues to cycle between bad and worse, there is a renewed interest by people to grow some, if not all, of their own food. They want to not only take advantage of the economic benefits, but also as a means of ensuring that what their family eats is both safe and pure. Small grain production, by hand in garden-sized areas, as well as using specialized equipment but at the small acreage level of production, is something that has been of interest to us for years.

Now that the biotech companies are venturing into genetically engineered cereal grains, our preservation motivation has kicked in.