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Victory Garden Kit™

Victory Garden Kit™

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Victory Garden Kit™
Includes everything you need to start your own Victory Garden.

Throughout history, some form of "Victory Gardens" have been sown during times of war as a way for people to both feed their families and to aide in the war effort. In our modern time, planting a "Victory Garden" has more personal significance. Whatever your reason may be - whether it is to stretch your grocery budget and save money, growing pure food for your family's table, or declaring a degree of independence from the corporate food chain - planting a garden makes sense.

Contained in a decorative gift bag are tried and true varieties suitable for planting a Victory Garden in a wide range of climates.
• 'Blue Lake 274' Bush Beans
• 'Detroit Dark Red' Beets
• 'Copenhagen Market' Cabbage
• 'Red Cored Chantenay' Carrots
• 'Golden Bantam' Corn
• 'Homemade Pickles' Cucumber
• 'Green Salad Bowl' Lettuce
• 'Honey Rock' Melon
• 'Tokyo Long White Bunching' Onion
• 'Harris Early Model' Parsnip
• 'Oregon Giant' Pea
• 'French Breakfast' Radish
• 'Bloomsdale Longstanding' Spinach
• 'Dark Green Zucchini' Summer Squash
• 'Fordhook Giant' Swiss Chard
• 'Ace 55' Tomato
• 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip

  • Brochure about Victory Gardening and the Victory Seed Company

(Contents may vary slightly from the information and photos above.)

If you are interested in a smaller selection for a beginning garden, check out our Victory Garden Starter Kit™ or if you are interested in a very large garden, our Canned Victory Garden™. For more information about the subject of Victory Gardening, click here.
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