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Schimmeig Stoo (Striped Cavern) Tomato

Schimmeig Stoo (Striped Cavern) Tomato

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Schimmeig Stoo

75 days, indeterminate — Also known as 'Striped Cavern', this is another interesting variety based on the shape, color and hollow attributes of the fruit. Although they do not have much flavor, they make a nice, edible container for various recipes requiring stuffing tomatoes or bell peppers. Click here for recipe ideas.

Developed by Tom Wagner of Tater Mater Seed and introduced in 1983 as "T-1." Mr. Wagner later named this tomato 'Schimmeig Stoo', which means "Striped Cavern" in the native tongue (Manx) of Tom's maternal grandfather. Note that some vendors sell this variety by its translated name, "Striped Cavern" but it is the same variety. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

See also 'Gogoshary', 'Red Stuffer' and 'Yellow Stuffer' tomatoes.
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