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Red Stuffer Tomato

Red Stuffer Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown
Red Stuffer

90 days, indeterminate — The regular leaf plants of 'Red Stuffer' are very prolific. Its fruit are red-orange in color with three to four hollow cells. The seeds are uniquely concentrated in a center seed cluster, similar to that of a bell pepper, which is easily removed resulting in an edible container for your favorite cold or hot salad. The flavor is very mild and won't overpower what you have stuffed them with. Our favorite recipe is to simply stuff them with slaw, "Louie" or tuna salad, which can be served either baked or fresh. Click here for recipe ideas.

We obtained 'Red Stuffer' in a trade with a seed saver and have been growing it here on the farm since the late 1990s, predating the establishment of the Victory Seed Company. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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