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Gogoshary Tomato

Gogoshary Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This product will be available again in early January, 2025. If currently out of stock, please signup above to be notified when it becomes available. Click here to learn more about our seasonal products.

85 days, semi-determinate — The compact, regular leaf plants of 'Gogoshary' produce good yields of red, two to five ounce, slightly ribbed, slightly blocky shaped, semi-stuffer type fruit. Like other stuffing-type tomatoes (see others below), the flavor is very mild and will not overpower the flavor of whatever you decide to stuff them with. Click here for recipe ideas.

'Gogoshary' is a Moldovan heirloom named after the small village from where it originated, Gogoshary. Sent to us by seed saver, Andrey Baranovski of Minsk (BELR BA A) which we grew out and released commercially here in North American in 2009. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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