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Pale Leaf Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Pale Leaf Mortgage Lifter Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This product will be available again in early January, 2025. If currently out of stock, please signup above to be notified when it becomes available. Click here to learn more about our seasonal products.
Pale Leaf Mortgage Lifter 
A 2005 Victory Seed Company Introduction

86 days, indeterminate — The regular leaf foliage of 'Pale Leaf Mortgage Lifter' is unusual in that it is not the typical dark green color common to most tomato plants. Instead, they are a pale, chartreuse color, which the plants maintain throughout the season. Its fruit are large, weighing up to two pounds each, pink in color, and deliciously flavored. A wonderful slicing variety.

In 1990, author and tomato authority Craig LeHoullier received a strain of "mortgage lifter" from Charlotte Mullens of West Virginia.[1] By about 2000, this interesting, lutescent leaf variant showed up sport in Craig's garden and seemed to be quite stable. He sent us seeds and we introduced it to gardeners in 2005. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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