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Cartwright's Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Cartwright's Mortgage Lifter Tomato

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Cartwright's Mortgage Lifter

85 days, indeterminate — 'Cartwright's Mortgage Lifter' has regular leaf vines that produces large, up to a pound, oblate-shaped, beefsteak-type, pink colored fruit. It is a nice, juicy, beefsteak-type slicing tomato with a deliciously balanced flavor that finishes towards the tart side of the spectrum.

'Cartwright's Mortgage Lifter' was sent to us by Craig LeHoullier who received the seed from the Seed Savers Exchange (SSE Tomato 1687). It was originally offered simply as "Mortgage Lifter" in the 1984 Seed Savers Exchange by Robert E. Cartwright of Raleigh, North Carolina (NC CA R). He described it as being, "slightly acid taste, large beefsteak size, heavily ribbed, shoulders stay green, then turn overnight, weather hardy and disease resistant."[1,3] To distinguish it from the many other mortgage lifter tomato varieties, the Seed Savers Exchange added "Cartwright" to its name when they accessioned the variety. Mr.Cartwright originally received the tomato from Walter Johnson of Adelphi, Maryland.[2,3] Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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