Collection: Micro Tomatoes

Have you ever seen anything so cute? These tiny little micro dwarf tomatoes are perfect for containers, small gardens, railroad/alpine gardens, or even growing in your garden outside. They are a true conversation piece because most people have never seen a fruiting tomato plant at less than 12 inches tall!

They are particularly well suited for indoor growing, especially under growlights. Enjoy home-grown tomatoes all winter long and when springtime comes, move them to the patio where they will continue to produce harvest after harvest throughout the season.

They grow perfectly well in 6" pots, or you can group them together in larger pots. We like to grow them 4 plants per 1 gallon container and it makes a beautiful arrangement with deep green rugose leaves on strong stalks that don't need staking.

We currently offer 3 varieties with fruits of red, orange or blush/rose. All our micro tomatoes are open pollinated. Each packet contains 10 seeds.

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