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Laura #5 Tomato

Laura #5 Tomato

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65 days, determinate — Laura #5 is a micro tomato typically only getting around 8 inches tall. This is by far the most productive micro tomato we have ever grown, with each plant producing 50+ 1oz mini-roma-type fruits. Good tomato flavor and great for salads or snacking. The plants are loaded down with fruit, having more fruit than foliage. The flavor is overall sweet flavor with a savory undertone, reminiscent of rich tomato sauce. From 12 plants, we harvested 9 gallons of fruit, and there was more in the field that we left to be eaten later by the family. Truly an amazing micro tomato variety.

Laura #5 was released in 2018 by Mark Seabolt.

Each packet contains approximately 10 seeds.

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