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Micro-Tina Tomato

Micro-Tina Tomato

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60 days. Micro-Tina is the result of a cross between 'Micro Tom' and 'Sugar', the latter of which provides the genetics for high fruit sweetness. They ripen to a glossy attractive red color. The fruit of Micro-Tina are less acidic and much sweeter than Micro Tom. Chemical analysis demonstrated that Micro-Tina has more than twice the sucrose content as Micro Tom.

Resistant to fusarium wilt race 1 and highly tolerant to major fruit disorders such as blossom end rot and cracking. 

This is a brand new introduction for Victory Seed Company as of June  2023, and we have a very limited amount of seed in this first run. We will have more later this summer. Each packet contains 10 seeds.

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