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Valena Italian Pole Green Bean

Valena Italian Pole Green Bean

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Valena Italian Certified Naturally Grown Seed

This bean is one of a handful of family heirlooms that helped us start the Victory Seed Company. It was handed down to us years ago by Denise's maternal Grandfather, Emilio Valena of Sonoma County, California. He was a first generation Italian-American whose relatives in Cino (Lombardy Region) Italy still grow this variety. Our family had grown this bean for years prior to us sharing it with the gardening public in our first annual seed catalog.

75 to 90 days — 'Valena' is a multi-purpose (horticultural-type) pole bean that is used young as a green bean, at the green shelling stage, and mature as a dry bean. The pods are flat, green and tasty when young turning tan with maroon streaks as they mature. The seeds are large, egg-shaped and tan with darker brown streaks.

The vines need good, tall, strong support as they are very vigorous and very productive. This means they get really heavy towards September! In fertile soil, we have had them quickly top our six foot tall trellis system and double back down about half way. For a lot more information on pole bean support systems, click here. Each packet contains one ounce, which is about 35 seeds.
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