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Rattlesnake Pole Green Bean

Rattlesnake Pole Green Bean

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60 to 100 days — The plants of 'Rattlesnake' beans are vigorous, reach up to about ten feet, have light purple flowers and provide good yields of six to seven inch long green pods that are streaked with purple. A very tasty green bean at their young and tender stage (about 60 days) that can be enjoyed fresh, canned or frozen. 'Rattlesnake' beans are also great as a dried bean and used in chili or baked bean dishes. Reportedly drought tolerant.

Some folks say that this old heirloom variety was named after the characteristic way that their pods twist and snake around the vines and poles. Another theory is that the speckled brown and tan seed coloration resembles that of a rattler. In some parts of the Southern United States it is called 'Preacher' bean. Each ounce is approximately 95 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Beans prefer well-drained, rich soil in a sunny location. Make sure that you keep them well watered in the summer heat.

Don’t bother trying to get an early start with beans – you’ll waste a lot of seed! Beans are a tender vegetable and you should not plant them until all danger of frost has passed and the soil remains above 65ºF. Sow seeds 1½ inches deep, every two to three inches. As they make efficient use of vertical space, provide a trellis. Use string or twine as wire will heat and burn the tender vines.

Pick the pods while young as they are more tender and succulent and less likely to be stringy. For seed saving, allow the pods to fully mature and dry completely out on the vines.