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Blue Lake FM-1K Pole Green Bean

Blue Lake FM-1K Pole Green Bean

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Blue Lake FM-1K

66 Days — Food production here in the fertile soils of the Willamette Valley was once one of a primary industry of Oregon. Bred for canning and fresh-frozen packaging, Blue Lake beans were one of the preferred classes of green beans until the cost to hand pick soared and the invention of mechanical harvesters changed planting trends to bush-type beans.

'Blue Lake FM-1K', also known as 'Stringless Blue Lake FM-1K', is one of many in a series of Blue Lake-type beans that were introduced in the middle of the twentieth century. Its pods are stringless when young and tender, dark green in color, round in cross section, tasty, reach about six inches in length, and have white seeds. They can be enjoyed fresh as snap or shell beans, canned, frozen or dried. The plants are vigorous, climb well, and are productive. It is a BCMV resistant strain.

Bred by the Ferry-Morse Seed Company of Mountain View, California, 'Stringless Blue Lake FM-1K', was selected from a stabilized cross between their 'Morse’s Pole 65' pole bean and standard Blue Lake-type beans and introduced in 1959. About 95 seeds per ounce.
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