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Easy to Grow Seeds for Kids Garden Pack

Easy to Grow Seeds for Kids Garden Pack

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This seed pack contains our favorite varieties for kids. These are all easy to grow, easy to handle for little hands, and most of them produce early harvests for little ones who haven't fully learned patience yet. We include a lot of fast growing root crops, as well as very popular vegetables, a variety pack of multi-colored lettuce, and two easy annual flower selections.

Place a single order for this item and you will get one packet of each of the items shown below at an overall discount. If you prefer, you can order them individually one by one, by clicking on each item in the list.

Blue Lake 274 Bush Green Bean
Pick the pods while young as they are more tender and succulent and less likely to be stringy. This variety is a canner's favorite as it tends to mature its heavy crop all at once.

Little Fingers Carrot
Deep-orange color, one-half inch by three inch long, blunt tips, with smooth skin and small cores. Because the color develops early, they can be harvested at a young, tender stage for use as baby gourmet carrots.

Pick a Bushel F1 Cucumber
'Pick a Bushel' is a sweeter-tasting light-green cucumber with a nice firm texture. Perfect for pickling when harvested early. Fruit left on the bush-type vines can get up to 6 inches long and can be enjoyed fresh in salads. An excellent option for container growing. 2014 Regional AAS Winner.

Black Beauty Zucchini Summer Squash
The bush-type plants of 'Black Beauty' zucchini are early and very productive. Although you can use this summer squash at just about any size, we start picking fruit when they are about six to eight inches long by two inches in diameter and dark green in color. We prefer them at this young and tender stage when they are excellent lightly steamed, sautéed, or stir-fried. They reach a black-green to almost black at maturity.

Crackerjack Mix - African Marigold
The plants are robust, reaching three to four feet in height, with solitary flowers that are two to five inches across. Crackerjack Mix, is an early, giant, carnation-type flowered mix of orange, gold and yellow. Native of Mexico and Central America, naturalized in many warm regions. Prefers full sun, dry to moderate moisture. Very popular as cut flowers and garden plants. Strongly scented. Start indoors four to six weeks before your last frost, or direct sow 1/8 inch deep, one to two weeks after last frost. Plant in rich soil for best results. Thin young plants to fifteen to eighteen inches apart.

Gourmet Salad Lettuce Mix
A perfect mix of diverse open-pollinated varieties of lettuce. Reds, greens, chartreuse, and more. Highly ornamental, and delicious, of course. As with other lettuces, this is best grown during the cool season, in early springtime or as a fall crop.

Sugar Snap Pea
Young pods are tasty and tender but develop strings at maturity. Vines can reach 6 feet and need trellised. Freezes well but will not stand up to canning temperatures. Released and an " All-American Selection®" winner in 1979.

Cherry Belle Radish
A quick growing, globe shaped radish with bright red skin and crisp, firm, white flesh. 'Cherry Belle' was an "All-American Selection®" winner in 1949.

French Breakfast Radish
These radishes are oblong with a blunt tip. The skin is scarlet with white tips and they have crisp, white flesh. They have a great, mildly pungent taste. Introduced prior to the 1880s.

Sungold Sunflower
After all danger of frost has passed, sow seeds outdoors directly into your flowerbeds, gardens or large containers. Cover seeds with ½ inch of fine soil and firmly pack. Thin the seedlings to a final spacing of twelve to eighteen inches apart. 'Sungold' is a dwarf sunflower variety that only grows 24 and 36 inches tall. The flowers are also unusual. Instead of the typical sunflower shaped flower, they are quite bushy and full of small petals. This makes them popular with pollinating insects. They also are great as cut flowers for both home and market. Because of their compact size, they are nice to add as a border planting in your gardens and beds. Sunflowers are very easy to grow and make a good choice for novice gardeners and kids. Blooms in the summer and into the fall.

Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Round roots that are bright purple on the upper part and white below. The globes grow four to five inches in diameter but are best when harvested a little smaller.

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