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Culinary Herbs Garden Pack

Culinary Herbs Garden Pack

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Herb garden in a box! This seed pack contains the most popular and essential culinary herbs for the kitchen garden.

Place a single order for this item and you will get one packet of each of the items shown below at an overall discount. If you prefer, you can order them individually one by one, by clicking on each item in the list.

Basil, Italian Large Leaf (Sweet)
A native to Europe and cultivated for centuries as a fresh and dried culinary herb. Common in America by the late 1700s. The plants grow to about eighteen inches, and provide several harvests. The leaves are used fresh to make pesto, and can be dried and used as a seasoning. A favorite in Italian dishes. Prefers well-drained soil, even moisture, and full sun.

Sage (aka Common or Garden Sage)
Sow seeds indoors, ¼ inch deep in sterile seed starting mix. Maintain soil moisture until germination. Seedlings can be transplanted as soon as all danger of frost has passed. Once established, the perennial plants are hardy in USDA zones 5 to 8. It can also be grown as an annual, or indoors elsewhere. Also known as 'Garden Sage' and 'Common Sage', it is a small evergreen plant and attractive as an ornamental. As a primary culinary herb in Western cooking, it is used in recipes to flavor salads, soups, stews, meats, dressings, vinegar, and teas. Sachets of dried leaves placed in closets and drawers discourage moths from clothes and linens. Once prized for its medicinal properties, even its botanical name hints at this fact as Salvia is derived from the Latin greeting, salvere, which means, "be well or in good health." The ancients had a saying, "Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?"

Garden Thyme
Planting Depth: 2 times seed diameter Spacing after Thinning: 6 inches Sow seed indoors or directly in the garden in early spring. It is a long lived, woody perennial and requires little attention once established. The plant loves full sun. Plants reach eighteen inches. Can also be grown in a pot indoors and kept handy for using fresh in cooking. Used as a seasoning, it is said to help in the digestion of fatty foods. Historically, it was used medicinally for its antiseptic properties as a gargle, and in a tea as a cough remedy and digestive aid.

Planting Depth – ¼ inch Seed Spacing – 4 to 5 in. Plant Height – 10 inches Spacing after Thinning – 6 inches Sow seeds in a sunny location after all danger of frost has passed. Can also be started in pots and transplanted. Optimal germination soil temperature is 60ºF to 70ºF. They prefer rich, well-drained soil. If the scrapes (stalks) start looking old, simply cut them back. During the growing season, the plants will continually regrow. In colder climates, the plants will die back to the bulbs and can benefit from being covered with a layer of mulch or straw. Use fresh by harvesting or dry and enjoy as a garnish. Plant in pots in a sunny windowsill to enjoy year round.

Bouquet Dill
Planting Depth - ¼ inch Seed Spacing - 1 inch Row Spacing - 24 inches Spacing after Thinning - 8 inches Sow in average soil after all danger of frost has passed. Harvest while the flowering heads are still green. Pull plant, roots and all. Use fresh or hang upside down in a dark and dry location until completely dry. Seeds and leaves are also used dried as a culinary herb. Fine, tender parts are finely chopped and added to sauces. Also used fresh in pickling.

Oregano - Common Italian
Oregano is a standard kitchen herb used for Italian and Mexican dishes. Its dried leaves add a warm, spicy flavor to recipes. The plant is a perennial, has pink flowers, and spreads via under-ground runners. In early spring, sow seeds indoors, 1/8 inch deep in sterile soil. Be sure that you keep the temperature above 70ºF and provide 14 to 16 hours of light. After danger of frost has passed, and after the plants are hardened off and about three inches tall, plant outdoors in well-drained soil. Oregano prefers to be kept slightly dry and in full sun. Harvest in summer or early fall before the plants are in full bloom by cutting the stems, flower heads and all, and drying in a cool place with good air movement.

Italian Parsley
Plants have deeply cut, dark green leaves with a rich, strong flavor; generally stronger in flavor than the curled types. Excellent for flavoring. Parsley has been cultivated for centuries and is used as a garnish, palate cleanser, flavoring in soups, salads, as a seasoning in other recipes, and medicinally.

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