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Yellow Sticky Aphid Whitefly Traps (Qty 5)

Yellow Sticky Aphid Whitefly Traps (Qty 5)

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Sticky Aphid / Whitefly Traps

As their name implies, Seabright Laboratories' 4-inch by 7-inch traps utilize a special hue of yellow coloration and Stikem Special, a non toxic odorless adhesive, to protect plants from gnats, whiteflys, aphids, leafhoppers, froghoppers, small moths, and fungus gnats. Large, beneficial pollinators do not seem to get trapped. We use them indoors in the our seed starting areas, as well as our greenhouses and in the field when we are experiencing high populations of detrimental insects. Millions of these traps have been used by greenhouse growers, orchardists, universities, and vintners.

They are very easy to use. Simply peel the traps apart and fold back on themselves with the sticky side out to expose approximately thirty (30) square inches of adhesive area. Using a twist-tie or twine, hang the traps seven to ten feet apart or at the end of each row. Depending on the conditions, these traps can last all season, even in rain, or until completely coated with insects or dust.

They are easy to handle without getting your hands sticky and have a grid printed on them to easily count insects for precision monitoring. Non-poisonous and Earth friendly. Packaging may vary from the photographs.

Each package includes a quantity of five (5) traps.
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