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Rapitest Dial Soil Thermometer

Rapitest Dial Soil Thermometer

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Rapitest® Dial Soil Thermometer
by Luster Leaf®

Experienced gardeners and farmers know that sowing seeds in the ground, based solely on the calendar or moon phase, while disregarding actual climate conditions, is a recipe for failure. Knowing the average frost dates for your area is a good start, but every plant species have very specific temperatures that tell them that it is safe to wake up and start growing.

The Rapitest® Dial Soil Thermometer by Luster Leaf® will remove the guesswork and help to improve your sowing and transplanting results by helping you plant when the soil is at the safe and proper soil temperature. The thermometer is durable, corrosion-resistant, with an aluminum casing, and is calibrated in both Celsius (-10° to 50° C) and Fahrenheit (17° to 120° F). Detailed instructions included. (A copy can be downloaded here.)
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About Luster Leaf®:

Established in 1957 in Atlanta, Georgia, Luster Leaf Products, Inc. has grown to be North America’s leader in electronic and chemical soil testers for the home gardener. Luster Leaf Products, Inc. maintains two manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Woodstock, Illinois, the company’s headquarters, houses all test kit production. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is the exclusive site for its Environmental Concepts products.

In an effort to provide products for successful gardening, Luster Leaf continues to grow and change, offering a diverse group of products for indoor and outdoor gardening. Luster Leaf offers seed sowing aids, plant identification labels and ties, soil meters, soil testers and mosses, and continues with a profuse selection of plant supports and garden décor.

Whether looking for a solution for drooping dahlias, or just fed-up with poor results in the flower bed, Luster Leaf’s product selection can help.