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Victory Garden Starter Pack

Victory Garden Starter Pack

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Includes everything you need to start your own Victory Garden.

Throughout history, some form of "Victory Gardens" have been sown during times of war as a way for people to both feed their families and to aide in the war effort. In our modern time, planting a "Victory Garden" has more personal significance. Whatever your reason may be - whether it is to stretch your grocery budget and save money, growing pure food for your family's table, or declaring a degree of independence from the corporate food chain - planting a garden makes sense.

Contained in a decorative gift bag are tried and true varieties suitable for planting a Victory Garden in a wide range of climates. As an added bonus, we also include a Clyde's Garden Planner with every starter pack!

Varieties included:

Blue Lake 274 Bush Green Bean
Pick the pods while young as they are more tender and succulent and less likely to be stringy. This variety is a canner's favorite as it tends to mature its heavy crop all at once.

Detroit Dark Red Beet
Very tasty fresh out of the garden, it also maintains its taste and texture well after being canned or pickled. Globe shaped, excellent color, sweet, smooth and tender.

Henderson's Tendersweet Carrot
'Henderson's Tendersweet' carrot plants have a distinct, dark green foliage. When the roots reach full maturity, they are a deep orange color, average from eight to ten inches in length, and taper slightly from the shoulder to a blunt end.

Homemade Pickles Cucumber
'Homemade Pickles' is a heavy producer of solid, crisp fruit. You can start harvesting at two inches long or at full maturity of five inches.

Dark Green Zucchini Summer Squash
Harvest when the fruit is six to eight inches long or still tender. Harvest will be lengthened if you keep picking. As the season gets in full gear, you should have plenty to give away. But if you want the gesture to be appreciated, three small fruit with a couple of tomatoes will be better than a shopping bag full of monster-sized ones!

All The Year Round Butterhead Lettuce
Medium-sized heads stay firm and solid even in hot weather. Can be sown in most locations from about March through August for a nearly "year-round" harvest periods. It does well in both hot and cooler locations.

White Sweet Spanish Onion
Large globe shaped, white and firm with medium pungency. A fair storage variety. Intermediate Day Variety.

French Breakfast Radish
These radishes are oblong with a blunt tip. The skin is scarlet with white tips and they have crisp, white flesh. They have a great, mildly pungent taste. Introduced prior to the 1880s.

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