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Romano Pole Green Bean

Romano Pole Green Bean

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Romano Certified Naturally Grown Seed

80 Days — 'Romano' is an old, Italian-type horticultural bean, popular in Europe. Here in the United States, a similar variety with different looking seeds, is now being sold as 'Romano'. The strain that we are offering is the older, original variety that tends to stay "flatter" longer before the seeds start filling out the pods. We have seen some off-type plants pop up on occasion and continue to work on cleaning up the variety with every grow out.

The plants reach six feet or taller in height and produce thick, flat, medium-green colored, stringless pods that are three-quarters of an inch wide by about six inches long. Its pods are best eaten when young, tender and before the seeds fully develop and the pods become fibrous. The seeds can be also used at the green shelling stage or allowed to remain on the plants until fully matured and harvested as a dry bean.

Although any garden bean variety can have production issues (refer to this link for causes of common bean problems), 'Romano' tends to be sensitive to environmental conditions. Make sure that you find them a spot in your garden that receives full sun. Here in Northern Oregon, the plants grow slowly and typically start flowering in late July. Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 50 to 55 seeds.
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