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Paw Paw Tomato

Paw Paw Tomato

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Paw Paw

90 days, indeterminate — 'Paw Paw' is a regular leaf type plant that like other large fruited varieties, has moderate to low production depending on the growing conditions. However, the excellent taste and eating quality simply means we grow extra plants to make up for the potentially lower yields. The fruit are large (up to two pounds), bi-color, oblate-shaped, and beefsteak-type.

We received 'Paw Paw' from seed saver, the late Randy Sine, who was given seed from his friend, James "Spud" Raney. Spud received them from a customer of his who simply stated, "it is an old German yellow tomato that we've grown around here (West Virginia) for over eighty years." While similar to 'Old German' or 'German Yellow', it does not appear to be exactly the same as either. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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