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Mayo Speckled Southern Pea

Mayo Speckled Southern Pea

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Mayo Speckled Certified Naturally Grown Seed
Southern Pea (Cowpea)

80 days — The plants are vigorous and lush. Pods can be eaten fresh like green beans at about 70 days, shelled closely thereafter, and harvested at the dry stage in 90 to 120 days. The pods contain a dozen or more small, mottled, tan to brown peas. Very prolific.

Although it originally was from the homeland of the Mayo Indians in Mexico (from Southern Sonora to northern Sinaloa at the confluence of the Mayo and Fuerte rivers), it is one of the few cowpeas (Southern peas) that does beautifully on our farm in the Pacific Northwest.  In spite their origin, 'Mayo Speckled' performs perfectly in our climate. Each 0.5 ounce contains approximately 90 seeds.
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