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Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR Southern Pea

Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR Southern Pea

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Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR

65 days — The plants of 'Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR' peas reach about twenty-four inches tall, are bush to semi-vining in habit, and have lavender flowers. It is not only an early maturing variety, it is productive and sets its pods above the foliage making picking easier. The pods are six to seven inches long and as their name suggests, are purple in color. The seeds are green at the fresh market or shelly maturity stage (about 65 days) turning to cream colored with a maroon eye.

It was selected from 'Pinkeye Purple Hull' at the University of Georgia (Athens) for its resistance to Blackeye Cowpea Mosaic Virus (BVR).[1] and is otherwise indistinguishable from its parent. Released in 1984.[2] Each ounce is approximately 180 seeds.

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