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J. Walsh Tomato

J. Walsh Tomato

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J. Walsh 

80 days, indeterminate — 'J. Walsh' produces large amounts of fruits over a long period of time. The fruits weigh one to three ounces, are elongated, almost egg-shaped, a bright, light-yellow color, and are very tasty. Like many yellow-fruited varieties, the sugar content is high making them sweet and tasting low acid. Along with being used as an addition to tossed salads or simply popping in your mouth as a snacking tomato, a fun and tasty idea is to use them as the "egg" in "Vegan Deviled Eggs."

June Walsh of Tauranga sent this New Zealand heirloom to the Koanga Institute who released it to the public. Our original seed stock was sent to us in 2008 by J. Arana, a gardening friend in New Zealand. Very rare here in the United States. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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