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Isbell's Golden Colossal Tomato

Isbell's Golden Colossal Tomato

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Isbell's Golden Colossal

85 days, indeterminate — In its time, 'Golden Colossal' was classified as a giant tomato variety, but by modern standards, we would consider its fruits to be medium to large (eight to twenty ounces each). They are oblate-shaped, bright yellow in color with some blossom-end blushing, and are mild and sweet in flavor.

Originally introduced in the 1915, S. M. Isbell & Co. seed catalog as the "Yellow Colossal" tomato, by 1916 it had been renamed, 'Golden Colossal'. Our original seed sample was USDA ARS accession number NSL 27354. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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