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Hubbard, True Green Improved - Winter Squash

Hubbard, True Green Improved - Winter Squash

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True Green Improved Hubbard
Cucurbita maxima

105 days — One of the Hubbard-type squash variants, 'True Green Improved Hubbard' have twelve to fifteen foot long vines that bear ten to fifteen pound, dark green skinned, golden-fleshed fruit. Great for canning, freezing and is an excellent keeper.

James J. H. Gregory introduced the original 'Hubbard Squash' to the seed trade. Originally brought to New England from South America or the West Indies, the variety had been grown in Marblehead as early as the 1830s. A neighbor to the Gregory's, Elizabeth Hubbard (also known as "Marm Hubbard"), recognized the properties of the squash and brought them the seeds saying, "it was the best squash she had ever tasted in her life."

Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 14 to 16 seeds.

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Planting Instructions: Choose a location that has warm, well-drained and fertile soil. Work in plenty of organic matter and mulch to conserve moisture, as squash are heavy water consumers.

Sow directly in garden after threat of frost has passed. Seed will not germinate if soil is too cold. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced 24 to 30 inches apart. You may also start seed indoors three to four weeks before transplanting. Informational References:
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