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Hubbard, Blue - Winter Squash

Hubbard, Blue - Winter Squash

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Blue Hubbard
Cucurbita maxima

110 days — The fifteen to eighteen foot vines of 'Blue Hubbard' produce tough-skinned oblong bluish-green fruits weighing ten to fifteen pounds. They have golden-yellow flesh that is dry, fine grained, and has a great flavor.

'Blue Hubbard' was introduced in 1909 by James J. H. Gregory who called it 'Symmes Blue Hubbard' in honor of a longtime seed grower of their from Cliftondale, Massachusetts by the name of S. S. Symmes. It is presumed that it was developed from a cross between the original 'Hubbard Squash' and either' Middleton Blue' or 'Marblehead'. Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 14 to 16 seeds.

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