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Honeynut Winter Squash

Honeynut Winter Squash

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This trendy new open-pollinated butternut-type winter squash is one you may have seen in your local high-end grocery store. A vegetable breeder at Cornell, Michael Mazourek, was challenged by chef Dan Barber to create a small butternut that tasted good, and Honeynut is the result.

Created as an interspecies cross between butternuts (C. moschata) and buttercups (C. maxima), this interesting cultivar has good levels of resistance to powdery mildew and produces 4-5" miniature butternuts with dark, extra healthy flesh, with much higher levels of beta carotene and Vitamin A than other squashes. The fruit remains green all the way until ripening to orange in the last couple weeks.

National Gardening Association member Dill Haley says, "There are now many competitive small butternuts on the market, but this one is still the king of flavor."

Each packet contains 4 grams which is approximately 35-40 seeds.

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