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Greater Baltimore Tomato

Greater Baltimore Tomato

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Greater Baltimore

95 days, indeterminate — The plants have regular leafed foliage with fruit that are red in color, slightly flattened globe in shape, and average five to six ounces each. Its flavor is not sweet but quite mild (sub-acid) for a red.

'Greater Baltimore' quickly became popular and remained an important variety in the canning regions, except in shorter season areas, well into the twentieth century. It was also offered by most of the seed companies and popular with home and smaller market gardeners.[4]

It is reported to have been developed from a single plant selection made about 1900 by John Baer of Baltimore, Maryland. The plant was discovered in a field of Livingston's 'Stone' and discovered to be wilt resistant. It was released by J. Bolgiano & Sons of Baltimore in 1905.[1,4] Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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